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Bruno MD Covid-19 Response

In this time of deep anxiety and uncertainty, Bruno MD and our mother company Bruno Farmaceutici S.p.A. stand with all global citizens against our common enemy, Covid-19.

As scientists, we are confident that the cure is out there, and collectively, humanity will find it. But today we want to acknowledge the brave medical doctors, technicians, emergency responders, and volunteers who battle this pandemic on the front lines with their blood, sweat, and, for some, their very lives. For them, we are eternally thankful.

As a research company, Bruno MD leans on science to improve health and wellness but the first line of defense in biological battles like the one we face now is the human spirit. That bravery that puts others before self. That impulse to step into the divide to build a bridge built on hope, human grit, courage, and sacrifice so that we can all walk into a healthy future together.

During this time, Bruno's network of medical representatives remains in constant communication with over 25000 doctors and medical specialists to assess where we can provide the most value. Currently, we are donating FFPU masks, gloves, and gels to ICUs in over 1000 hospitals worldwide. We also offer free care and counseling to millions of our diabetic and cardiac patients who may be more vulnerable to the effects of the coronavirus.

We encourage you to take care of yourself and your family during this time. It's essential to take an active approach to minimize the spread of the disease. Please refer to the websites of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) for steps you can take to protect you and your loved ones.

Let's rise to this challenge together, with the creativity, compassion, and resilience that is now, and always has been, the heart of Italy and Bruno MD.

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Science First. Prescription Grade Clinically Proven Ingredients.

In times of uncertainty, science matters. Bruno MD products are made for times like these. Bruno MD puts science first with over 25 years of pharmaceutical research and proven clinical studies backing every product we make. At its heart, science yearns to answer questions that better the human condition. How can we improve the outcomes for our customers? Our mother company, Bruno Farmateutici S.p.A, answers those questions for millions of our cardiac, diabetic, and eye patients each year with beneficial pharmacology: molecules that interact with cells and tissues that help save lives.

Bruno MD approaches supplements with the same philosophy. We look at health and wellness and ask, “How can nature Herself help improve the human condition?” We answer that question with prescription-grade supplements and a scientific breakthrough called Phytosome® technology. Phytosome® delivers clinically proven nutrients where your body needs them in their most potent form. It’s called Ultra-Bioavailability. Consider this Nature’s prescription for health and wellness. Without Phytosome technology delivering nutrients at the molecular level, you are receiving minimal benefit from ordinary supplements. Bruno MD. Science first.

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Paint a new picture of what it means to thrive with Bruno MD supplements — powered by Pharmaceutical grade, all-natural ingredients, and over 50 years of innovation in prescription medicine.


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As Italians, we take enormous pride in perfecting things. The New Health Renaissance begins by using science to perfect the best in Nature. Meet Bruno MD, the inventive family behind this unique approach to creating supplements with clinically proven ingredients delivered with prescription-grade potency.

At Bruno MD, we are scientists, doctors, researchers, and biological engineers. Moreover, we are world citizens: parents, grandparents, sons, and daughters who care deeply about our communities and the health and wellness of our loved ones.

Over 6 million patients trust Bruno for their daily immunity, pain management, osteoporosis, diabetes, and cardiac care. Over 5000 optometrists and ophthalmologists prescribe our revolutionary line of vision care products. The New Health Renaissance extends to 25000 doctors with over 13000 medical specialists, in over 1000 hospitals.

Bruno MD is here to improve health and wellness today and for future generations.

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BRUNO MD creates health products with an Italian Heritage using clinically-proven ingredients for bettering humanity.

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