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A Healing Passion

Over 50 years ago, Dr. Antonio Bruno combined his passion for chemistry with the art of innovation to make lives better the world over. BRUNO MD stands at the intersection of art and science. Our pride is giving people the tools to take ownership of their own health stories. These stories, we believe, are among the most incredible that nature and science can write together. We think you’ll agree.


I was fortunate to have a dream very early in life; to help improve human health. Even more fortunate, this dream became a career. And, now, an even larger mission: to reach as many people as possible with better solutions for their well being. Dr. Bruno


Italian Soil

Dr. Bruno Antonio was born in 1938 in a small town in southern Italy in the province of Avellino, an ancient and generous land characterized by rich, fertile soil and its people’s devotion to Avellino’s mountains, vast plains, and crystal-clear rivers.

Early Career

Dr. Bruno graduated with honors in Chemistry from the University of Naples and pursued his passion for improving people’s lives working as a medical representative at the award-winning Milanese pharmaceutical company called Lepetit S.p.A. which specialized in corticosteroids. His dedication and drive for excellence led to his promotion as a Lepetit S.p.A. Sales Manager in the early 1990’s.

Birth of Bruno MD

Two separate multinational companies acquired Lepetit while Dr. Bruno was still an employee. During these transitions, Dr. Bruno was inspired to make an offer to take over a branch of the business that encompassed twelve prescription drugs. His proposal was accepted, and Bruno Farmaceutici was born in July 1996. Soon after, Dr. Bruno’s son, Vincenzo, and daughter Mariolina joined the effort, and the company became a family business in every sense of the word.

Nature’s Pharmacy

Dr. Bruno grew up in a flourishing agricultural hub and learned to appreciate Mother Nature’s flair for producing natural crops with near-medicinal benefits. His vision: combine the best ingredients that Italian soil has to offer with Pharma-formulations that deliver clinically proven results.


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